Things To Look Out For While Choosing Upholstery For Your Office

Choosing the right upholstery material for your office furniture, no doubt, is a very tough task. Fabric upholstery is in demand because it is actually very comfortable in different temperatures, and there is a wide variety of the fabrics. Moreover, it is very easy to maintain though it depends where you are going to use it. And when it comes of commercial purposes, you need to consider some of the important things before going for purchasing upholstery.

  • Location of your furniture
    Know that the durability of the upholstery mainly depends on the usage of the furniture. If the furniture is used too much, its durability will be reduced for sure. And the usage of the furniture depends on the location of it. You can go for sensitive and soft upholstery fabric like silk, linen, etc., if the furniture is not being put to use much. If your furniture is located in traffic areas, like reception, go for engineered fabrics and combination fabrics as they tend to be more durable and long lasting. 

  • Setting the mood of your office space
    In case of commercial upholstery, the colour of the fabric speaks volumes of your commercial work space. If you choose warm colours, it will signify a relaxing atmosphere, or if you go for any brighter shades, it signifies happy and cheerful atmosphere.
  • Sunlight and furniture
    All types of fabric colours fade over time when it comes in contact with the sunlight. So, is for the furniture fabrics. So, before going to buy fabrics, decide whether you want to place your furniture away from windows or else you need to choose some kind of fabric which will be capable of hiding the fadings.
  • Choosing the pattern
    Patterns are mostly suitable for commercial purposes are they are great in hiding stains and even look better than solid coloured fabrics. No doubt, patterns are inviting, but there are several types of patterns out there in the market stores, so how you will know which one is best for your office? Woven patterns are better than printed ones, as they tend to hold better. Even the furniture size plays a major role in choosing patterns. Certain patterns go well in case of small furniture, like chairs, but don’t work at all on loveseats and sofas.
  • Maintenance and cleaning
    No matter what kind of fabric you use, you need to clean it to maintain its longevity and looks. In case of commercial space, the condition of the furniture can make or break the impression. So, it is recommended to choose the fabrics wisely. Some fabrics can be cleaned with dry-cleaning products or water-based cleaners. Most of the fabrics come with tags on them indicating cleaning instructions.